Messages from the Board

A note from Kathy Buske

Dear RAVE CA members:

Thank you to all who sent me cards, emails, and other well wishes on my recent retirement. I enjoyed reading all of the cards and notes and appreciated the time it took to send them. I will miss the friendships that were formed and the connections that were made during my many years with the district and especially as your president.

Thank you, also, to the RAVE CA Executive Board who served with me the last four years, and who will continue serving you. It has truly been an honor to be RAVE CA President.


Kathy Buske


With the June 30th retirement of our president, Kathy Buske, our vice-president Rose Buecksler is now filling in along with the assistance of the other board members.  Once school is back in session, we will be required to hold an election by Dec. 8th in order to temporarily fill this position until the regular spring election meeting. Then at that time, the position will be filled for the regular 2-year term.  In addition, we hope to have the new  clerical contract ready for review at the same December meeting.

Rest assured, your board members are here and ready to serve in any capacity necessary during this transition.

We hope you are having a restful, fun-filled Minnesota summer!!!


Welcome to RAVE CA!


Rose Buecksler at ravecavicepres@gmail.com  or  651-423-7708

If you or a family member needs assistance with any personal situation, please reach out to our free Employee Assistance line at: 866 326-7194

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