RAVE CA  President, Vicki Tangeman and Vice President, Roxy Chlan, will be attending the National Education Association Conference in March, 2017 for extensive leadership training (see description below). As your elected officers, we are your first line  of  representation.

We  deeply feel this extensive training will be extremely valuable and will better equip us to defend your position if the time should ever arise. This conference is in line with the NEA conference attended yearly by members of DCUE (Teachers Union). 

Note: PGP funds are available for all members of RAVE to enhance performance in their positions. PGP forms can be found on the website under Official Documents-Professional Growth.

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The NEA ESP (Education Support Professionals) conference is the premier professional development opportunity for Education Support Professionals across the nation. 

The conference offers more than 50 different hands-on workshops over the course of four days. Pre-Conference workshop opportunities are offered in topics ranging from social justice, membership recruitment techniques and leadership development to communication skills training, membership empowerment.