Executive Board Update 6-07-2017

The RAVE CA Executive Board met June 5th.  On the recommendation of our attorney, we cancelled Monday’s meeting to elect a new President; he felt we needed to allow a sufficient period for nominations. In order to further an orderly process to fill board vacancies, we will be holding elections in the coming months, when a quorum will be possible, and when the majority of our members are working.  If anyone is interested in becoming an Executive Board member, please submit a note of interest to the board via our RAVE Clerical Association email 196raveca@gmail.com.

Our current Vice-President, Rose Buecksler, will be fulfilling the role of President until a new President is elected, consistent with the RAVE Clerical Association Bylaws.

As RAVE Clerical Association members, we are fortunate to be able to represent ourselves, and as current Executive Board members, we feel honored to stand as your RAVE leaders and we hope to spearhead many positive changes over the coming months.

Have a wonderful summer!

Your RAVE CA Executive Board,

Rose Buecksler, Kim Bowling, Julie Emry, and Lorrie Buecksler

Today’s (6/5/17) meeting is cancelled



On the advisement of our attorney, the RAVE general membership meeting that was scheduled for today, Monday, June 5th has been cancelled The executive board will be having an emergency meeting on Monday and will update our members as soon as possible.